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Our World Puzzle: Put the World together – Geography puzzle

logo~152 Let’s put our Earth together with this new educational puzzle game we just developed!

Our world is so beautiful and we know so little about the countries of our neighbouring  or even our own continents. This made us build this puzzle game, which starts from the outer space and after a while you will find yourself at the opposite side of the World.

The puzzle was specially made for iPad/iPhone devices and includes 2 set of games. The game is for everyone who wants to learn more about our world. You will get interesting information about planet Earth and other planets you might have forgot since geography classes, like the planets and their place from the Sun, the layers of the atmosphere or the distance between the Moon and the Earth. The last piece of puzzle from this set will get you ready for the next challenge, the second set of games, which includes 13 puzzles of maps.

Definitely you heard about this, when people were asked to fill the country names on an empty map. It is hard, isn’t it? Playing our fun puzzle game you will get to know the American continent: North America, Central America, South America and the Caribbean islands. But this isn’t all. We challenge you to put European countries to their right places! If challenge accepted and wish to learn more about our amazing World, you can solve Africa. Asia, being big and consisting of many little countries, is divided into the Middle East, Central Asia and South-East Asia. We included the entire Asia as well, if you want to see the big picture. After Asia, you can move to Australia and Oceania, including a big part of the small islands we all wish to visit one day.

iPad2 iPad1iPad3iPad4

Unfortunately we could not make this educational game fully free, as we have invested a lot of time and energy in all those countries you can just drag and drop. But, the good news is, the first set of puzzle is completely free. From the second set, you have only North America granted, but the rest can be unlocked for a few bucks.

As mentioned earlier, the game is available for iPad and iPhone! In the iPhone version, you have the zooming option of the map, as some countries are really small. In this way, you can enjoy the game on iPhone as much as on iPad.

iPhone1 iPhone2 iPhone3iPhone4

The game has two difficulty levels: normal and hard. In the normal mode the country borders are visible, so matching the shapes is easier. If you are a geo expert, you can start playing the game on the hard difficulty level, where the borders of the countries are not drawn.

All in all, the “Our World Puzzle” is a nice, educational and challenging game you should definitely try even just for fun.


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