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American challenge: U.S. Puzzle game on iPad and iPhone

Are you ready for our next challenge? If yes, check out our new app, the U.S. puzzle game for iPad and iPhone.


The U.S. puzzle game is an educational game for everyone who wants to learn more about the states of the United States. It doesn’t matter where you live, if you are American or Asian, it is always good to know where Kansas or Montana is, what are the major cities of the Idaho state or whether Indiana is bigger than New Mexico.

The game consists of 5 free puzzles, all about the North American country.

In the first puzzle, you have to put the states of the U.S into their right place. It is a good exercise to learn more about the size and the geographical location of each state.

The second puzzle is about The West. You need to find the right place for each city/capital for the western states of the country. And you don’t get just the name of the city! You have a picture of some specific building of the city. For example, you get the Las Vegas very well known welcome sign, or the Seattle tower. The shadow for each of this building can be found on the map, so it is not that hard to find the place of the city.
Also, the location of each city is more or less correct (considering that we needed to put the building on the map, and not just the city name).


After you mastered The West, you can move on to The Mid-West. The challenge is the same, just the states are different and, of course, their capital/major cities.

The last two puzzles are The South and The North-East. In the last one there are fewer cities, but beware of the tiny states of that region!

The good news is that the whole app is free! If the occasionally appearing advertisements disturb you, you can play ad-free for as little as 0.99$.

The puzzle is available for iPad and iPhone, we also support the latest IOS. For iPhone, you have the zooming option which makes it easier to find the right place for the cities/states. This way, the game is as enjoyable on iPhone as it is on iPad.

iPhone1 iPhone2

We hope you will enjoy the first version of our new game and will learn a lot more about the United States.

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