Toddlers Puzzle for iPhone & iPad version update

Good news! An update of the Toddlers Puzzle is available now to download from the App Store.

What we did in this new update?

First of all, now it is available for iPhone as well. We understand that not everyone is running around with an iPad, and maybe an iPhone can be handier in some situations. So here we go.


It includes a few optimisations on the pictures’ quality. Just take a better look, either on the free ones (yes, some of them did change) or the in-app purchased ones. If you have a retina iPad, you can surely see the difference.

Other than this, we added 2 more shapes for the puzzles. If you are attentive enough, you will notice them. And your kid will do as well.

Memory optimisations were included in the update package. If previously you had problems like sudden exit of the app after a few hours of playing, now you won’t.

What will be also nice for your toddlers, is the new music we added. Now there are 2 full tracks your kid can enjoy while playing.


All in all, if you have a toddler who likes puzzle games, and you want them to see nice animal pictures and to listen to loveable music while playing, try our puzzle. It is enjoyable!

In the meantime, we will create your kids’ next favourite game.

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